Sellers need to know up-front, before negotiating a list price or a sale, what costs are usually incurred when they sell their property.  This is very important as it impacts their bottom-line.  Most of the time owners realize that they need to pay Broker commissions and property taxes but there are many other costs that they need to consider.

Along with Title Insurance Fees, which are based on the final Purchase Price, there are smaller fees like Title Company Closing Fees, recordings, releases, Colorado State Tax, outstanding HOA Dues and Assessments, known (and unknown) liens against their property, and much more.  We can detail to our Sellers everything they need to consider before pricing their property and, upon receiving a Purchase Contract, determine additional costs so that the negotiation process will leave no surprises in the end.

Additionally the septic inspection, which used to be a buyer's option, is now mandated by Park County Regulations for the owner to perform.  In a nutshell, the County now requires that the owner prove that the septic is "functioning according to design prior to transfer of title of the property".  The seller must hire a NAWT Certified Septic Inspector to perform this inspection and to also have the septic pumped.  In addition, if there is anything wrong with the septic that "impacts the environment", the owner must have it corrected whether or not the property sells.  For further information, please go to the Park County Environmental Health's website at and click on the "Helpful Information and Guidelines" link on their main page.  Once there, open up the "Seven Homeowner Responsibilities" PDF and scroll down to Section M for more detailed information.

Of course, our Realtors ® at Timber Wolf Realty are happy to coordinate everything for you! We'll not only help you find the best NAWT Certified Septic Inspector, but also to find the least expensive NAWT Septic Inspection and Pumping, including any repairs that may be required (and any other Closing requirements).  We're here to help and to make the selling process as less stressful as possible.  Please give us a call at 719.836.2000 or email us at if you need anything at all.  We're here to help!