We often are asked how much an acre sells for in Park County.  Unfortunately, that cannot be answered as prices of land vary greatly based on features, location, and much more.  A one acre parcel with views, trees, power, good cell and internet may sell for way more than a 5 acre parcel with nothing on it.  Of course, location plays a major factor as well.  The closer one gets to Breckenridge, the more expensive properties tend to be.  And, if the property has live water on it, then the price goes through the roof! 

The good thing is that we have over 300 parcels available for sale starting at around $5,000!  With that many parcels available, we usually can find the perfect property for any buyer.  The best way to start looking is to determine what is important to you.  For example, are views more important than trees or do you consider both to be equal?  Is privacy important to you?  What about off-grid properties?  How far from town is too far?  Is being in an HOA okay?  Is internet or cell service important?  If internet is important, what will it be used for and how fast do you need it to be?  Do you have more than six pets (dogs, cats, pot belly pigs, etc.)?  Do you want to raise horses, cows, yaks, etc.?  Will you be running a business from the property?  Is year round access important?  Would you like to mine the property?  What about camping on the land?  Is there anything special you would like to do on the property that our agents should know?  Each answer may bring up more questions that need to be answered in order to locate that dream property you've been looking for.

Please feel free to search our website for properties or, better yet, give one of our agents a call.  We would love to help you!!